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Do you remember the days before google maps? When your parents had a paper map spread across the front of the car? And when your mother was directing your father and turning the map upside down? And all the times you got lost. And all the arguments about the missed turns and comments about, “Where the hell are we!”

Well google maps has made road travel a lot easier. But we still seem to get frustrated with travelling and traffic queues.

I love the following message and I hope you can take something from it to help you maintain a sattvic state and calm mind!

Faye x

The Red Light is Your Friend

“The Traffic Bodhisattva…

When we see a red light or a stop sign, we can smile at it and thank it, because it is a Bodhisattva helping us return to the present moment. The red light is a bell of mindfulness. We may have thought of it as an enemy, preventing us from achieving our goal. But now we know the red light is our friend, helping us resist rushing and calling us to return to the present moment where we can meet with life, joy and peace. Even if you are not the driver, you can help everyone in the car if you breathe and smile.”
—Thich Nhat Hanh

Posted 1 March 2018